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In this day and age, we are using electricity and wireless technologies as never before, and the desire for electronic technologies is constantly increasing.
Every wireless and electronic device in your home (including cable and wire, extension leads, etc) radiates millions of frequencies every second, creating stress to the nervous system.

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IGEF Validated

Validated electrosmog
        protection Certificate

The E-Cover

The E-Cover provides protection against electric fields by shielding the body from these fields during sleep. The E-Cover is a mattress pad that has a high-grade steel shielding micro material that is grounded to the earth. The grounding provides a shield against electrosmog and positively influences hormone production within the human body. Research has proven that there is direct evidence of reduction in melatonin when sleeping near electric fields. When electric fields cannot access and penetrate through the body, you will produce enough of the hormone Melatonin.

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