Steps for grounding the E-Cover:

The measuring device:

Grounding/earthing the measuring device:

Grounding/earthing the E-Cover option (1

Grounding/earthing the E-Cover option (2


Installation instructions

  1. Plug the E-Cover into a grounded socket
  2. Connect the E-Cover to the radiator.
  3. The E-Cover is ready to use. Now do the measuring.

Safety information

E-Cover products are designed to create a shielding between the human body and electric fields. The fuse in the E-Cover cord is included for ultimate safety. Attention: the E-Cover does not ground the body directly to the grounding system. This would result in the electric fields flowing through the body instead of shielding the body!

Care and Maintenance

Your E-cover Mattress Pad is made of 80% cotton, 15% polyester fabric and 5% high-grade stainless steel micro material.
Wash as you would other clothing using a mild detergent at max 60 degrees. Do not use bleach or other oxidizing agents, which can destroy the material.

Placement instructions

Free-standing bed
Pull the E-Cover over the mattress and ground the grounding cord. Use the measuring equipment to now check the effects of this action.
Electric fields from appliances and building wiring can penetrate walls into a bedroom and disrupt the body’s communication system.
Bed ends (head or feet) against the wall
If the value of the meter increases when you touch the wall with your hand, this confirms the need for E-Cover on this wall. The material on the wall must be at least 50cm higher than the head (when lying down).
Bed has one side against the wall
If the value of the meter increases when you touch this wall with your hand, this confirms that E-Cover needs also to be on the wall beside the bed. It is important that also this material is grounded to guarantee the effect.
Attention: Remove all electrical equipment and cords from the area around the bed. Replace your radio alarm with a radiographic alarm clock (battery run). This way you also get rid of the magnetic fields from the transformers in the radio alarm clock, which are very difficult to block out. Use beds without metal. Metal frames and metal box springs can amplify electric fields, which can lead to a non-restful sleep. Use natural materials.