Measuring Instructions

To test the conductivity of your E-Cover system, a Electro Smog measurement device is included. The protection from electrical fields only works when the materials in question are in constant connection with the earth; only then can the shielding take place. If the connections with the ground are correct, like with unpainted metal water pipes from a heater or with the earthed plug connection the system is grounded.
Take the E-cover Electro Smog measurement device and measure the electro Smog on your bed. To do this take the following 4 steps:
1. When you measure make sure that the measuring device is grounded/earthed as well. Ground the white cord and stick the other end of this cord into the COM-entrance (white sticker) of the E-Cover measuring devise.
2. Stick the red cord in the V-entrance of the measuring device, and go and lay on your bed.
3. Now take the non-isolated end of the red cord in your hand and turn on the measuring machine: turn the switch on to V(green sticker).
4. The machine will produce a reading. This is the voltage that you have in your body compared to that of the earth (this is sometimes referred to as connection measurement).
Now take the same steps with the E-Cover CONNECTED on your bed. The reading should be less than 0.1 volt. this confirms that the system is now maintaining your body at the same voltage as the earth.
The maximum value for a sleeping area should be around 0.1 volt. Already at 0.2 volts, the body produces only 20% melatonin.
If the value is above 0.1 volts, we advise you to take immediate action to protect yourself from e-smog.
Please note: This job must be performed with the utmost concern for personal safety. We cannot be held responsible for any damage as a result of non-professional attempts at installation or grounding.

Measuring the power circuits

Take the E-cover measurement device
Hold the cord (at the non-isolated end) and stick the other end in the V-entrance of the machine.
Now make connection to the earth: Stick the cord in the COM-exit of the machine and ground it (to ground the cord, you must connect the cord with an unpainted metallic heating or water tube). If you already have a grounded outlet that’s been approved by an electrician, you can connect the cord with a grounding pole (with the two metal clamps which are provided). Turn on the machine and read what the given value is. If you take a normal extension cord and put the plug in an outlet, the machine should measure a value of between 6-10 volts. Go and lay in bed now and measure how much tension your body has, in comparison to that of the earth. This method is called power circuit gauging.
The maximum value of a sleeping spot should be around 0,1 volts.
Already at 0,2 volts the body produces only 20% of the melatonin that it should. Through experience, we know that the electric (switch power) fields are the main problem of electro smog, due to the fact that the body needs at least a few hours every night without these fields in order to obtain full strength and stamina – to recharge, so to speak.
Attention: the E-Cover will not ground the body directly to the grounding system. Grounding the body directly to the grounding system will create that the electric fields will flow through the body instead of shielding the body!

Testing the conductivity of your E-Cover system

To test the conductivity of your E-Cover system, a Electro Smog measurement device is required.
By holding the copper Tester in one hand, and with your thumb or finger pressing on the top button, place your body on the connected E-Cover mattress Pad. The Electro Smog measurement device should be less than 0,1 Volt, this confirms that the system is maintaining your body at the same electron potential as the earth.