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About us

E-Cover has been made possible with the merging of two innovative companies:
Inner Wise Institute; a leading organization in the field of Energetic Science, and Royal Health Foam; an experienced developer and producer of innovative health conscious mattresses .
The Directors of both these companies, Uwe Albrecht and Chris Nederhorst, have become close friends during this collaboration and worked with pasion together which is clearly evident in the great result: The E-Cover, the final product. Furthermore, many thanks and recognition for the efforts of Ergomed, especially Mr Hohlbein, who also played role in the production of this product.

Try the E-Cover and discover the natural power of for yourself. You are invited to try our products for 14 days, to measure and feel the difference.



Soetensstraat 18 Tel.: 0031 70-3387010
2586XS The Hague Fax.: 0031 70-3060799
The Netherlands  
CoC: 27286089 VAT: NL8158.11.664.B01

We are seeking distributors for Europe. If you would like sell the E-cover please let us know.