Symptoms of the effects of Esmog:

  • Insomnia
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Frequent urination at night
  • Interrupted sleep
  • Feeling tired upon waking
  • Light sleeping
  • Increased heartbeat at night
  • Chronic fatigue
  • ADD, or hyperactivity
  • Stiffness and pain, mornings and nights
    (back pain, headache, stiff muscles, rheumatism, and chronic inflammation)

ADD / Hyperactive children

This is a very specific problem.  Beyond emotional, spiritual and energy related reasons behind ADD/hyperactivity, where and how well the child sleeps also plays an important role.  It has been discovered that most children suffering from this problem have high levels of electro smog present in their bedrooms.  This is evident in the fact that they have difficulty falling asleep, are tired in the morning, cannot concentrate well in the day, and become tired very quickly. 
This all can lead to depression or ADD/hyperactivity if left untreated.  We all know little children who go to bed too late are much more hyper than those who go to bed on time.  Children with ADD are most often treated with medication before there is any substantial research conducted into possible causes.  Without searching for and revealing the cause, no problem can be solved. More often than not, these kids are just simply exhausted from years of fatigue and exhaustion due to lack of a good sleep.

Sources and more information
The EMR Network provides links to other sites covering various aspects of the EMR.
UK Information, Advice & Support for people with Electrical Sensitivities.
FEB - The Swedish Association for the Electro Hyper Sensitive.
Why do we need a sleeping sanctuary? It’s all about Stress – and “de-stressing”

Electro Smog awareness and the E-Cover solution.

In this day and age, we are using electricity and wireless technologies as never before, and the desire for electronic technologies is constantly increasing.
Every wireless and electronic device in your home (including cable and wire, extension leads, etc) radiates millions of frequencies every second, creating stress to the nervous system.
We spend one third of our lives sleeping. A night free from electrosmog allows our pineal glands to activate melatonin production, which is vital for a good night’s sleep and to our general well being.
These days, most people suffer from high levels of electrical stress, which in turn leads to restlessness and lack of proper sleep. A restful sleep is necessary for human health, providing us with a strong immune system. As we become less connected with the earth in our modern society, we see an increase in chronic health problems and sleep disorders that were rare or unheard of 60 to 75 years ago. Research has revealed that most of our modern diseases are linked with inflammation and free radical damage. Our company provides an immediate solution for shielding your bedroom environment.

Three types of Electrosmog

1.Electric fields (EF)
Sources are all wires in the house including wires in the wall.
Solution: this can be fixed with the E-Cover
With Esmog (Electric fields), the hormone production in the brain changes drastically. The pineal gland no longer produces a sufficient amount of melatonin

2. High Frequencies (HF)
Sources are wireless devices, DECT phones (cordless phones), Cell phones and Cell phones antennas.
Solution: Turn off Wireless LAN at night, change DECT phone to ECO DECT and we provide the energetically system, the Inner Wise Good Vibration plate
HF frequency from portable phones, cell phones, and wireless devices have been shown to interfere with the body’s immune system.

3. Magnetic fields (MF)
Sources are transformers usually used in radio-alarm clocks electrical bed basses.
Solution: Use battery clocks near your bed. Use low voltage electrical bad bases and turn off anything which is on stand-by.
Research has shown that exposure to high magnetic fields while sleeping can cause severe long-term illness. Many electric clocks produce high magnetic fields.

Attention: the E-Cover does not ground the body directly to the grounding system; this would result in the electric fields flowing through the body instead of shielding the body!