HADO Emoto Institute testresults

Water tested with electrosmog without the E-Cover picture 1) and with the E-Cover picture 2).

Picture 1)                       Picture 2)
Water tested with elektrostress without the E-Cover Water tested with elektrostress with the E-Cover

The E-Cover and how it works

The E-Cover provides protection against electric fields by shielding the body during sleep. The E-Cover is a mattress pad that has a high-grade steel shielding micro material that is grounded to earth. The grounding provides a shield against electrosmog and positively influences hormone production of the human body. Research has proven that there is direct evidence of reduction in melatonin when sleeping near electric fields. When electric fields cannot penetrate the body you will produce enough of the hormone Melatonin. The E-Cover discharges the build-up of bio-electrical stress; it helps neutralize the free radicals in our body; it supports the synchronization of biological rhythms, and gives a good, healthy natural sleep. It has shown that it is possible to clearly reduce levels of electro fields by taking simple measures. Eliminate electro smog stress in the bedroom with the E-cover is easy. With the E-Cover mattress pad, virtually every part of your body will be protected from electric fields. You can use the included measurement device to measure immediate reduction of Electro Smog. Many customers share after using the E-cover on their mattress that it feels like sleeping in nature.
For a good healthgiving sleep it,s nessesery to eleminate electrical stress, The E-cover offers you a good and natural sleep( New sentence).
Try the E-Cover and discover the natural power of for yourself. You are invited to try our products for 14 days and measure and feel the difference.

Attention: the E-Cover will not ground the body directly to the grounding system. Grounding the body directly to the grounding system will create that the electric fields will flow through the body instead of shielding the body!

The Inner Wise One-Symbol

The E-cover has the silk Inner Wise-One symbol on it. The Inner Wise-One symbol has energetic properties that work as an autonomic therapy system. In the first 14 days it is reputedly reported that people dream more intensely and in full colour. The symbol has the full colour spectrum and the flower of life represented.