The E-Cover package

The E-Cover package

Your E-Cover mattress Pad comes with the following:

  1. Conductive mattress cover
  2. E-cover grounding/earthing connections
  3. Connection cord (10 meter)
  4. E-cover Electro Smog measurement device (can also be purchased separate for €99,-)
  5. User information guide. The earth is charged with mobile free electrons - the spark of life - and other natural frequencies fundamental to your well-being. E-cover products keep you connected with the earth while you sleep!

The materials are selected with care:

With the measuring equipment, you are able to gauge the stress and protection effects of the E-Cover yourself, in a easy reliable manner.  The proof can be seen in the change of values displayed on the device, which should be enough evidence to persuade even the biggest sceptic!

  • The tissue guards consist of metallic, stainless steel (copper and aluminum are not suitable due to their negative resonance).
  • The Inner Wise One-symbol has been thoroughly tested with outstanding results on its energetic effectiveness on people.  It works as an autonomous therapy system(the autonomic or subconscious nervous system including such automatic functions as blood pressure, heart rate, etc).  In the first 14 days, this can lead to changes in dream behavour, among other things.  This symbol also ensures that the memory effect of the metallic tissue dissolves, which means that the material does not recognise the geopathalogical stress and therefore does not radiate this out.
  • The sets also contain an extensive guidebook, a children’s book (about electro smog), general background information about electro smog and geopathology, and comprehensive instructions for both measuring and installation.

Let's re-connect to Mother Earth.